Kimbilio High School Kimbilio-Primary-School

Staff Capacity Building Workshop

This has been a week of adding on more knowledge and an eye opener to all the staff.
The two days’ staff capacity building workshop was organized during holidays and included; High school staff, primary staff and all other departmental workers.
The topic was about “Counseling/Helping Skills”. This has been so relevant in that we deal with learners and other workers whom we are supposed to interact with and know about their challenges hence creating solutions.
In trying to define counseling, the facilitator said that it is a relationship that is focused on assisting people to change and solve their problems in accordance with Biblical principles and grow to full maturity.
On other hand, the trainees had chance to learn as well about different Temperaments/ personalities and how each can help us relate or live in harmony with one another. On addition to our own facilitators from Kimbilio family, there was a guest speaker and an expert in this area.
This workshop created positivity in people’s lives as the trainees realized the needful of this counseling skills in this kind of environment.