Kimbilio High School Kimbilio-Primary-School

Children Worship-Term Two

Apart from our children growing physically, mentally, socially, the spiritual part has been so instrumental.
Every now and then our children church has always improved on praise and worship among other programs.
Like for this term, both primary and High school choirs have been ministering in our main church and doing very serious ministry of blessing the children of God with their gifts. This has been so because of their personal intimacy with their God and also bringing in mature servants of God to share with them. With this term, we are focusing our teachings on the Biblical Characters whom God used and thus learning from them what can help us too.
Now last Sunday, it was Joshua Hajusu teaching about “Adam & Eve” in Genesis 2 and 3.
He shared about; God’s initial plan for man, Man’s diversion from the plan of God, God’s reaction/ response towards man’s fall or diversion and later what lessons we can draw from them. I believe the message had some transformation in our lives as it left every one pondering.