Professional Studies

Kimbilio School of Professional Studies

This school is in the planning stage for this year of 2023 with Sjaak Meertens as the Principle.
It is meant as a continuation from our Kimbilio Primary and High School and provide for not only Skills Training but also several other types of training to make our graduates a more self sustaining individual. To make sure they can support and provide for their families. Putting more emphasis on sending our graduates out as professionals before spending years of their young lives in the classrooms of expensive universities.

In the past we have considered ourselves failures or dropouts when we do not get a university degrees. Yet news reports proof that many of the Ugandan graduates end up not using those degrees for their source of income. Many of the university graduates can today be found serving your coffee in one of those popular exotic coffee shops in Kampala. Or serving you behind one of the telecom giants. Even riding you to your destination on one of those Boda-Boda‘s …

It is our vision to train these young energetic Ugandans in fields that can potentially make them a good living. Preferably even being self employed! This is well within our reach.

We intend to provide some of the vocational subjects that are on high demand and provide a good source of income by the time the student graduates from our courses like; Welding and Metal Fabrication, Motor Vehicle Mechanics, Block laying and Concrete Practice, Electrical Installation, Plumbing, Hairdressing, Fashion & Design (tailoring), etc.

But also courses like Business studies in the areas of; Accounting, Computer studies, Secretarial studies, Store keeping. And also courses in the different levels and sectors of IT from basic computer skills to courses in several different scripting and programming languages.

You think this is too much to handle? We don’t think so because these subjects are where the income can be made.

Some courses will be examined by UBTEB, DIT but some courses will be given under our own certification, yet for others we will offer you the opportunity to register for an internationally recognized certificate.

Feel free to contact us for more information.