Primary School

The picture at the top of this page is the Kimbilio Primary School building.

Kimbilio Schools were started in Feb 2009 in Osia Tororo in response to the need to assist orphans with e Decent, Quality, Christian Education. It is not enough to just provide them with some basic education, it needs to be education that prepares them to stand on their own two feet, able to support themselves in today’s Uganda where it is very unlikely that you will find a well paying job without the push, the empowerment that enables you to have your head stick out of the crowd.

This is basically what we try to be; a place where we shape these children of ours into successful breadwinners.

Kimbilio primary was started to serve the orphans of Tororo- and the neighboring districts. We identify these children from our contacts with pastors and friends in Christian ministries and check them out and when they are accepted as truly orphaned and truly needy (as compared to the rest of the population), we will try to identify a sponsor for them so they can concentrate on their schoolwork without worrying about school-fees.

However, Kimbilio Primary also caters for the private students given that they fit in to our Kimbilio Christian Culture. We intend to have 49% of the population as private paying students so as to ensure financial stability for the institution. This as we have witnessed in times of great international financial crisis there can be a great number of sponsors who decide to stop sponsoring their adoption child.

Having said that, we must mention that in the past few international financial crisis, we have been blessed to not have any sponsor drop out due to any of these reasons. In fact, the opposite is true, in those times we have seen our donor base grow even bigger. We say this not to brag, rather to give glory to Who glory deserves: God’s Hand is clearly visible on this work. And it humbles me to be allowed to be part of it!

Head Teacher Racheal Alota (BEd)