Kimbilio High School

Geography Study Trip

Being part of academics and examination,our geography teachers organized for field work study in Masese landing site in Jinja city where they had another opportunity of visiting other places like Tea plantation in Lugazi and have a look at Mabira forest.
The topic for the study was about; “The growth and development of Masese fish landing site”. The following were the objectives for the study;
To find out the historical background, the location,the factors that led to it’s growth and development,problems facing the site, solutions to the problems, the relationship between relief & land use, future prospects and finally the types of fish sold there.
Apart from Kimbilio students, they also met with students from other two schools who had come for the same. At the landing site, they had an instructor who explained to them their interest. Both the students and teachers are now confident that any question set from this area, will be answered well without any doubt. The students were very happy to go for this field work study and relaxing of their mind.