Kimbilio High School Kimbilio-Primary-School

Visitation Day (mid-term)

Having done with the end of Mid-term exams, last Saturday was the class and visitation day for all the boarding students. Both Primary and Secondary held it on the same day because other parents have children in both Schools.
It was such an exciting day for our children, parents and teachers because all had taken long without visiting each other especially the boarders. In light of the new secondary curriculum that requires the learners to be tested in the topics already covered, they sat for internal exams while the primary section had to sit for the external exams. Still excited to inform our stakeholders that the children’s performance was generally good with the exception of some few learners who are trying to improve on their areas of weakness.
In the secondary department, they had a brief arrangement of meeting and interacting with one another to forge the way forward on how to work better and reach the top level. The interaction involved asking of questions and answers between the students, parents and teachers.
At the end the school administrators appealed to parents to always help & advise the children while at home with them, provide all the necessary requirements etc. Headteacher High school assured the congregation that his teachers had finished to attend a training on the new curriculum by National Curriculum Development Center ( NCDC) and that the senior one and two students are now tested on competence, where the learners are trained to be “job creators and not job seekers”. This greatly helped parents who were available to understand how it works.