Kimbilio High School Kimbilio-Primary-School

Kimbilio Inter-house Sports Day

A lot of joy overwhelming both the students, teachers and the spectators on last Saturday’s special day for sports and games.
Because of COVID-19 outbreak, most of these programs were cut off in order to avoid the crowding. Now this period, students were just longing and in high mood of exercising their talents. Both primary and High school students had it on the same day. They had inter house competitions and among the games played included; football by both girls and boys, volley ball, basket ball, athletics, bottle water filling, running in sacks, among others. After compiling the scores, those who emerged the winners(Europe for the case of Primary and Nkrumah for High school), were given each a he-goat. Our directors ( guest of honor) and a few parents were part of this great celebration of their own. We give thanks to God who enabled all the participants, organizers to finish up smoothly and for keeping the weather cool.