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Spiritual Development

Education alone is not sufficient.
Even though our children have been few in number, the mood of fellowship has continued because we believe that with out God, nothing can take place. Our services always start at 8:30Am and goes up to 10:00Am.
Just like any other fellowship, there is always great worship and when we worship here, one can’t remain the same.
This Sunday, it was Uncle Joshua who shared the word of God and the subject was “THE BEGINNING MATTERS/ DETERMINES ONE’S SUCCESS OR FAILURE”.
The preacher quoted some people in the Bible who began well and ended well giving example of Joseph while at Potiphar’s house and how he was challenged by his boss’ wife wanting to sleep with him but Joseph refused to the extent of being imprisoned. This helped him later to succeed by being appointed to be in charge. Secondly, look at Meshach, Abednego and Shadrach, how they refused from beginning to bow before the king’s decree.