Kimbilio High School Kimbilio-Primary-School

Schools Open After TWO Years

The closing of Schools in Uganda that lasted for two years had some negative effects that left a few of our children unable to come back to our School due to various factors like ; financial struggle by parents, others loosing the morale or focus for education. A total of eight private students did not turn up this term although, we have also received some new students.

However, our pain goes to the 12 sponsored children who abandoned School thereby misusing their opportunity and frustrating their sponsors who had a already started investing in their lives.

Our Schools have grown in capacity and facilities even through the Covid19 period as we have continued building and adding to our facilities. We also have our well motivated teaching staff as throughout the lock-down, we were able to continue paying all teachers salaries and even all non teaching staff. They all continued working to make our schools even look better!

In conclusion, we would like to inform you our parents, partners, well-wishers and sponsors that our schools are flourishing and doing great because this year we have our approved S4 UNEB sitting center number.