Kimbilio Kimbilio High School

Geography Field Work By S.4

Like other previous senior four candidates who had wonderful field work in Jinja and Kibimba, 30th June was yet another joyous day for this year’s candidates who also got a chance to reach these beautiful geographical place for their field work study.
The candidates that left here very early in the morning, managed to visit two places that included; Kibimba rice irrigation scheme and Masese fish landing site in Jinja. This took them the whole day but benefited a lot as they are getting ready for their final exams In November.
They were accompanied by their two geography teachers. The major objectives of this field work study was just to find out the location, the background information, challenges being faced, solutions to the challenges and also the contribution and effects to the surrounding. Being part of UNEB examined questions, it was very important for these candidates not to give excuse at the end but rather the ball is now in their hands. They also met with other candidates from other schools and the site instructor imparted some understanding in them.