Kimbilio High School Kimbilio-Primary-School

Academic Advise & Covid-19 Measures

What a good surprise this has been since the spread of Covid-19 in Uganda in March! We have been excited to see at least these two classes reporting back and even with good health. Now after the schools were allowed to reopen to only allow the candidate classes like P7 and S4, it has been a week of children & their parents reporting since 14th to-date, to resume the studies.
Before the normal lessons begin officially on Monday next week, the two classes have been under-going a sensitization meeting on the regulations/ Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) by the Ministry of Education and Sports to avoid the spread of the of the corona disease.
Under Primary Section, they oriented the children on the following like; meaning of COVID-19, origin & its effects on the World, Common signs and symptoms, some measures like regular washing, use of face masks, social distancing among others. They explained to the learners some new vocabulary like; Temperature gun, Face mask, SOPS, Sanitizer.
On the other hand, the High School went through all the above plus other topics that were handled by various people like the the teachers and our Directors. Among the areas of interest were about the Education path ways, Career versus discipline, generic skills, Education support (finance) which was handled by uncle Cor to remind the students about our vision and principles to make them not to mis their God-Given opportunities.
Finally aunt Grace explained thoroughly about the issue of personality versus career guidance and even gave the differences about the personality so that can understand the way to go about to avoid regrets.