Kimbilio High School Kimbilio-Primary-School

P6 & S3 Holiday Break!

As P4 & P5 pupils and senior two students just came back two weeks ago, the primary six and senior three classes have broken off for two weeks of holiday after doing their COVID challenging exams and will be back on 7th June to begin yet another term. Although the hope & mood of studying is trying to catch up, the workload seem to be much for both the teachers and students because all are lacking proper holiday as it was before. This has been due to change of the education curriculum by the Ministry of Education to suit the situation or forge a way forward of balancing the academic terms and years. The term which could take like three to four months, is now taking two months hence affecting the whole education process.
This will continue for a while until things will be put right by the educationist.

The expectation is that the usual school schedule will be back in the academic year 2024.