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Message on School Fees @ Corona Season

From the Kimbilio Directors.

We are so grateful for all the parents who have paid their fees for their children on time before the children were to report. It shows some serious responsibility. Thank you for that.

However, as responsible leaders, when the presidential directive came and we were instructed to close all schools, we followed instructions and closed. And we are aware that this causes some serious concern for parents who have paid already.

We are also parents in other schools and found that the fees we paid seem to have evaporated. When schools opened after covid we were instructed to pay full fees again as if we never paid before. We felt abused.

With this in mind we made a resolution that all fees will be calculated and counted as per-week consumed. Meaning that if the school was closed in the 3d week of your school term and you paid for the full 12 weeks, then the remaining balance of 9 weeks will remain credited to your child. And if you paid full fees for a 12 week term yet the school was closed before your child could consume it, all fees will remain credited to your child for when the school will resume.

Thank you and we pray for encouragement and provision as we look forward to working together.

We also advise and request you that don’t wait for the huge payment but in case you get some, please endeavor to pay in-bits to avoid disruption of your child from academics especially after the schools have resumed.

Be safe and take care of our children at this trying moment.