Kimbilio High School

S4 Results 2020 (UCE)

The results of our S4 students came out on 30th-July-2021. Our students passed very well. We had eighteen candidates and fourteen had strong second grade and only four who had third grade. And all the subjects were passed.

The best performed subjects were; Religious Education, Commerce, Fine-Art,History, Geography and on the side of sciences,were; Agriculture ,Mathematics, Biology, among others.

However, due to the schedule that was interfered with because of COVID-19 effects, the Headteacher Mr Obonyo Andrew says that the general performance has been really good because none of the candidate failed, secondly all the subjects were passed though their expectation was more than that.

From the above, we would like to sincerely thank God for the victory, the teachers who could not rest for a moment, students themselves for surrendering their lives in achieving the above results, parents, other technical officers for giving an upper, our directors for providing all that was needed and finally our pastor Owor Michael who gave a word from God and also prayed for them success.