PLE Results-2020

With all the struggles, hardship and limited time given to our candidates after the schools re-opening for continuing pupils, our pupils managed to study very hard with the help of their committed teachers.

We are grateful to God who made everything possible for our P7 candidates to score so highly. You can not believe that with all the disruption of COVID-19, again this was the best year in performance since we began.
We had nineteen candidates and out of that, eight appeared in first grade and the rest in strong second grade Wow!
The results came back recently on 16th-July-2021 and our school being among the best in the District.
We also had three candidates getting the same grade ( aggregate 8). According to the P7 teacher Mr Eriaku Julius says the general performance was very good and encouraging although their expectation was beyond that but due to COVID-19,it was worthy.

The best performed subjects were as follows; Social studies, English, Science and then Mathematics.
In a nutshell, the above performance was also attributed to team work and cooperation by all the teachers, the pupils themselves who were very disciplined & self driven, the management that provided all the requirements, Dr Omalla who prayed a blessing to all these candidates, parents and all the well-wishers.