High School

Kimbilio High School opened it’s doors officially on Feb-2016 to the graduates of the P7 class of 2015. We are a strong Evangelical community, putting emphasis on both quality-academics, morals and discipleship.

Just like the Primary school, the Kimbilio High School was started to serve the needy Orphans of Tororo- and the neighboring district. It intends to prepare these students to become fully-capable, self-reliant, empowered, discipled and capable members of this Uganda society that we serve.

We envision these graduates of ours to be stable leaders of their families, society and community, making Uganda a more prosperous and healthy place to live. We envision them to be strong Father and Mother Figures, just as the example we have displayed for them, looking after their families in a way that makes the Heavenly Father look down and put a smile on his face.

Through our graduates, we like to make God smile on us and say: “Well done you good and faithful servant!”

It is our goal to steer these students in the direction that fits them best. Some may be groomed to push for higher education, but others may be better equipped to go on with our ‘Kimbilio School of Professional Studies’. This will have many practical, theological and business courses under one roof, equipping them for life as a professional.

Kimbilio High School, just like Kimbilio Primary school will aim to have 49% private students and 51% sponsored orphans. It is both a day and boarding school. We look forward to have your sons & daughters come and join us.