The Founders

Cor & Grace Koelewijn are the Founders of The Heart For Children organization. Heart For Children (H4C) is the parent organization that owns the Kimbilio Schools. Kimbilio Schools was started with the intention to provide a safe place to provide a High Quality Christian Education for the children that are sponsored by the Heart For Children Organization.

Cor is a Dutch national and he came to Uganda first in August 1986 with a small group of short term missionaries supporting the “Ambassadors of Aid” organization. (The name of that organization has changed several times since) He served with them until 1999 when he founded and registered the “Children’s Welfare Mission” (CWM is still running in Namugongo) and in Aug 2006 they left and started Heart For Children in Tororo – Uganda.

Grace Awori Omalla is the firstborn of Rev.Dr.David Omalla from Tororo. After she finished her first degree in Theology in Nairobi, she looked for work and landed in the CWM at Namugongo where she helped Cor in the early stages of setting up Namugongo Children’s Village in Apr 1992.

Cor & Grace decided to share their life together and got married at KPC (now called Watoto church) in Kampala in Jan 94. Together they got 3 children; Efi, Joy & Francis. Together they build the Namugongo Children’s Village and handed it over back to the Dutch donors in Aug 2006.

Cor & Grace then bought about 35 acres in Osia – Tororo to start the construction of the Kimbilio Schools with the help of some donors from Holland and Germany. After the land was bought they started on the building of the facilities and in Feb 2009 the official opening was graced by the king of the JopAdhola; His Highness; Kwara Adolah and his cabinet.

Cor & Grace are committed to serving the children of Uganda with high quality decent Christian education with emphasis on good morals which are the prerequisites for a stable family. We believe that the family is the most important basic unit of positive development for the country.

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